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Kids and Dogs Workshop



Most children loves animals, we as a parents has the responsibility to educate them how to respect lives. No matter that’s as big as a lion or as small as an ant, they worth our respect. Dogniversity is an organization focusing on professional training for dogs, we hope to provide a good education to our next generation for a better tomorrow for animals. We provide workshops for families with children & dogs, teaching them how they can live in a stress-free environment and grow up happily together. 

Children are good at mimic their caretakers, we should start to aware of how we interact with dogs and set up a good role model for them. The workshops share professional knowledge in a fun way, which children are easier to learn. 

學習重點 What you will learn

  • 了解狗隻身體語言
        Understand dog body language
  • 針對不同家庭需要的孩子提供正確接觸狗隻的方法
        How to teach children to greet dogs 
  • 教導狗隻基本禮儀
        Good dog manner training
  • 減少狗隻因家庭成員的行為引起壓力
        Hope to reduce stress from dogs
  • 孩子如何安全地與狗隻互動
        How should children interact with dog safely 
  • 引起人狗衝突的家居環境陷阱
        Safety rules for household environment & setting

Tell me and I forget

Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn

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I want a dog!
"Are you ready to have one?"


6-12 years old child is welcome

Be a little trainer
"Should I train my kid or my  dog?"



3-10 year-old child & dog are welcome

國際認可犬隻訓練師- Eurica Li

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Eurica Li


美國Karen Pryor Academy認證犬隻訓練師

美國Family Paws認可家長指導員



Professional Qualification

Karen Pryor Academy, Certified Dog Trainer

CCPDT® Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed 
Family Paws Professional Parents Educator

Hong Kong Dog Rescue Positive Partners dog training class instructor

Hong Kong Dog Rescue volunteer trainer
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